What’s Happening & Prayer Requests

While the flow of new arriving refugees has slowed, asylum-seeking families has increased! We have already registered 88 new refugee and asylum-seeking families this year; an additional 201 men, women, and children that have increased the need for more VOR ministry services. VOR has a two-pronged approach to helpingYou families.

First, we lovingly welcome families in Jesus’ name by helping them navigate their tough road ahead. Secondly, through the generosity of donors, we help stabilize families by delivering donated furniture and basic household supplies, offering weekly food distribution, providing home visitations, and by driving them to their government, school, and medical appointments while providing translations services.

Those we serve—men, women, and children—have come to a strange land with very different customs and a foreign language that may take a long time for most of them to learn. At VOR, our long-term strategy is to help families assimilate into Orange County by offering English as a Second Language (ESL), one-on-one conversational English, job coaching, driving practice, computer training, devotional opportunities, and cultural events to understand and find a place in their new land. Our goal is to help them become contributing and thriving members of their respective communities. Your contribution is needed to strengthen our service to refugees and asylees.

Can you imagine running your household without knowing how much income you will have to buy food, pay for rent and utilities, clothing, and so much more for your family? This is why your reoccurring financial support is critical to help us serve.  God encourages us to give cheerfully and regularly. We hope that you consider making a monthly donation to help us serve refugees and asylee families. Click HERE to establish your monthly support.

Prayer Requests 

Please pray that God will provide: 

  • Blessings for those we serve and for Team-VOR;
  • Healing for our refugees with cancer and other severe health ailments;
  • Favor for refugees and asylum-seeking-seekers with US officials and courts especially those applying for asylum and taking citizenship tests;
  • Favor for refugee- and asylee-students as they assimilate well into their classes and meet new godly friends;
  • Opportunities at the December 6th Holiday event to reach many for Christ;
  • Discernment as VOR implements God’s plan for the Gala and Holiday party and for continued stability in our childcare program as we transition to new leadership in this vital area.