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Our English Cafe is a safe, fun space to meet more friends and grow in your confidence and skills as an English speaker!

Each session is a highly interactive, brought to you by native speakers of English with creative ideas for sparking conversations and friendly hearts eager to hear your story.

English Cafe will resume in Spring Semester (March 28th to May 27th, 2022)!

Pizza Party & Fun Night is a time for kids and teens to enjoy a relaxing Friday with their peers under guidance by qualified volunteer families. Children will be divided into two groups (5-9 year old and 10-17 year old). Both groups will enjoy a pizza party with age-appropriate games and a fun movie, supervised by adults.

Pizza Party & Fun Night will resume in Spring Semester (March 28th to May 27th, 2022)!

In the VOR community, we have lots to celebrate!

Birthday? New baby? Advanced to the next level in ESL? Passed your driving test? Aced your citizenship test? We are here to celebrate one another at Celebration Fridays.

It is a time for our whole family (parents, kids, volunteers, staff, community partners) to gather, meet and catch up, and enjoy an encouraging time together.

Celebration Fridays will launch in Spring Semester (March 28th to May 27th, 2022)!

Picnics at the Park

Two times a Year

Holiday Dinners

Thanksgiving (November) and Christmas (December)

Field Trips

Aquarium of the Pacific, local beaches, events, and more

Coffee Outings

Trips to local venues for  coffee and conversation