ImpACT Anaheim – Giving Day (June 5)


From the impact of the pandemic to the displacement and resettlement, children and youth are facing greater challenges than ever before. YOU can help turn barriers into bridges by donating to VOR through ImpACT Anaheim, a giving day dedicated to helping underserved children and youth.

GOAL: $35k

to support children & youth programs


By supporting VOR, you will be helping with providing refugee children a community and place to thrive in their educational, physical, and emotional development.

This is why VOR is urgently seeking funding specifically to expand their programs for refugee children. The funds will enable VOR to provide more comprehensive life skills training, character development workshops, and advanced trauma healing therapies. These are not just programs; they are lifelines that provide children with the tools they need to overcome their past and build a brighter future.In Little Arabia, VOR is a testament to what can be achieved when God’s love is put into action. It is a place where refugees find not just assistance, but also hope and a sense of belonging. The children who benefit from VOR’s programs are not just surviving; they are thriving. With your support, VOR can continue to be the light that guides these young souls out of the darkness of their past and into the promise of a new beginning. Your contribution can make a world of difference.

By donating to VOR, you are not just providing financial support; you are investing in the future of children who have endured the unimaginable. You are giving them the chance to heal, grow, and become the leaders of tomorrow. Together, we can ensure that the Voice of Refugees continues to echo loudly, bringing hope and healing to those who need it most.

Join us on June 5, 2024 by making a donation to support the refugees.

Bring HOPE to Refugees

Donate a school bag for a Refugee

Raised: $4,000

Goal: $15,000

Support our Summer Program

Raised: $10,200

Goal: $20,000

Young Adults Empowerment

Raised: $2,700

Goal: $10,000

Holistic Support to New Families

Raised: $8,100

Goal: $15,000