Care Team Information

Care Team Goals 

  • Build caring relationships with refugee families. 
  • Provide appropriate direct support to refugee families. 
  • Support Voice of Refugees (VOR) Care Manager in helping the refugee family become self-sufficient and thrive. 

Care Team Distinctions 

  • Consists of 5 US families or individuals (Christ Followers). 
  • Members live in proximity to a sponsored refugee family. 
  • Committed to connect and serve one refugee family for one year (duration can vary). 
  • A Care Team leader who is the team’s primary liaison with the VOR Care Manager. 

Care Team Connects By 

  • Being friends, the refugee family can call on for insight, understanding, and aid. 
  • Showing hospitality, teams’ homes are their home to grow friendships and gain trust. 
  • Extending the refugee family social network by including them in team members social activities. 
  • Giving small gifts which, the refugee can reciprocate in gift giving in kind. 

    Care Team Serves 

    • Be a good lifestyle model for refugee families by showing and explaining the whys, when, where, and how of everyday life in the US, while letting them do with gracious feedback. 
    • Help transport refugees to the appointments they need to attend. 
    • Help them reach important integrating milestones such as conversational English, driver’s licenses, suitable work, …. 

    Care Team Fundraise Commitment 

    • Fundraising commitment varies with family size and circumstances and all parties must agree before sponsoring the refugee family ($5,000 to $15,000). 
    • Sixty-five percent raised for direct family aid. 
    • Thirty-five percent raised to support VOR Services the family can access.
    • The care team’s church creates a designated fund for the refugee family so members and church can donate within their normal donation system, then donate them to VOR. 

    VOR Care Manager  

    • Responsible for the overall care of the refugee family and as proper works through Care Teams. 
    • Care Team Leader refers to the following requests for aid to the Care Manager: 
      • Resident Status, Legal, Counseling, and other specialized skilled help. 
      • All requests for financial or tangible aid. This can preserve the Care Team relationship if no to the request is proper. The Care Manager handles using funds (Care Team raised or otherwise) as impartially and equitably between all refugee families.