Donate Furniture

Refugees and asylum-seekers come to the US without any household items and furniture we take for granted! It is not uncommon for children to sleep on floors and families living without ‘essentials’ for an extended time. They are likely working long hours in ‘survival jobs’ with most of their income being used to pay for rent, utilities, and food.  Donating household goods, furniture, and other items is a huge blessing for them!

Click here to submit your request to donate furniture/items to refugee families.

Suggested donation to offset truck & transportation cost ($25 – $200 based on distance from VOR): Click to Donate

For questions about donating household goods and furniture, contact our Furniture Ministry Lead at or 657-575-0853.
Kindly note that, due to limited storage, clothing donations will not be received until further notice.

Used items (in good condition) needed for donation include:

• Kitchen Tables & Chairs
• Very Clean Couches
• Kitchenware & Utensils
• Refrigerators
• Televisions
• Microwaves

New items needed for donation include: 

• Pre-Paid Gas Cards
• Gift Cards to Costco or Sam’s Club
• Mattresses (twin & queen) 
• Towels (dish or bath) 
• Bed linens (all sizes)
• Detergent (laundry & dish) 
• Diapers/wipes
• Toys for daycare (ages 1-6) 
• Backpacks for children
• Toiletries
• Blankets