$40,518 raised of $75,000 Goal (as of 1/3 10pm)

Thank you for joining UnGala 2021. Hear directly from amazingly resilient individuals and families whom we’ve been honored to serve, know, and love. Celebrate the milestones and community moments among refugee and asylee families in 2021. Learn what God has placed on our hearts for VOR’s direction in 2022.

If you’re moved to support God’s work among refugees and asylees from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, please pray with us and make a donation now! Help VOR impact more lives in 2022. Discover your role in God’s story among refugees, whom He knows by name and deeply loves.

TO DONATE, TEXT UNGALA to (833) 311-0360

The fact that Voice of Refugees exists, and continues to make an impact daily – is a direct reflection of your prayers and donations. We take your trust very seriously. Our service ministries, in areas of Stabilize, Integrate, and Thrive, have been set with great care to respond to the most important and urgent needs we’ve observed among the people we serve.


STABILIZE Ministries (lbs. food delivered)

INTEGRATE Ministries (English learners served in Fall 2021)

THRIVE Ministries (Commmunity Event Attendance)


Learn the latest statistics about VOR’s impact in 2021. View comfortably with the full screen option and don’t miss the bonus video stories embedded throughout the data.

After all, here at Voice of Refugees, refugees and asylum seekers, volunteers and donors, partners and sponsors, mean so much more than numbers, but are real people with names, faces, stories,…and part of the VOR family.

TO DONATE, TEXT UNGALA to (833) 311-0360


Not only are we honored to journey with amazingly resilient individuals and families, we’re blessed with generous, thoughtful partners who make everything possible in the long term. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to each of the organizations listed below:

TO DONATE, TEXT UNGALA to (833) 311-0360