Imagine the feeling of wanting the best for your children, yet not knowing what you can say or do to support their survival, let alone their success? At VOR, we have the honor of coming alongside refugee parents and to know their children by name. There are too many stories to count, but some of our most recent include:

  • Hasina is starting 9th grade. Being from Afghanistan, she’s excited to go to school! However, with no parent by her side nor any peer friends, she had no idea about the need for a backpack and other supplies until the night before school began. When VOR volunteer Sabrina found out, she alerted VOR and seeded a long-term journey of growth and breakthrough with the whole family.
  • Abdul, a 3rd grader from Syria, is struggling. His English is still at 1st grade level, but his school is not providing extra help for him to catch up. The family lives far away from VOR and other organizations that can provide free tutoring for English learners who speak Arabic. VOR volunteer Justin meets Abdul on Zoom weekly to provide focused practice time until more resources can be found for the family. 
  • 19-year-old Farzad was born deaf and relies on simple body language to communicate. Due to his age, he does not qualify for resources for K-12 children. His parents are still learning the ABCs, unable to advocate for their son, who stays in his room day after day. VOR reached out to a supportive speech therapist in the school district, coordinated rides for Farzad to attend an ASL class, and continues to invite volunteers to support this family on a path toward hope.

At VOR, we have the honor of matching families to generous volunteers who tutor children needing extra support, and help their parents feel empowered. 

At VOR, we have the joy of creating transformative experiences, especially in the summer, so that instead of being alone inside an apartment with nothing to do for three months (parents often don’t have a car to bring their children to activities), kids got to explore new things, be nurtured in community, and grow in character. Most of all, they get to taste the love of Jesus. And they’re always seen and known by name.  

At VOR, we visit families with backpacks and school supplies so many more can start the new school year with HOPE. And we’re never just handing things out. Every interaction is a time where volunteers and staff are intentional about loving each person, listening to them, dwelling together, and blessing them with prayer and the word of God.  

We thank you for your prayers and support to make all these critical moments possible. Because of your support this year, our summer camps and backpack home visits encouraged over 150 children and their parents to start this new school year with HOPE. We invite you to continue empowering refugee kids, youth, and young adults: donate to VOR and invest in #HOPE for the next generation!