We met Abdul’s family through a referral by our Afghan friends living in the same apartment community. A gentle soul, Abdul is a father of three sons and husband to Najiba, who has cancer. Thanks to rides provided by the VOR network (click here to join our ESL bridging fleet), Abdul attends our ESL program diligently, with his quiet, appreciative spirit. One day, being the first person to arrive in the classroom, he noticed a copy of the Bible on the teacher’s desk. He picked it up and leafed through the pages.

When the teacher saw this, she asked, “Would you like a Bible in Farsi?”  He nodded, “Yes.”

Thanks to God’s abundant provision through our partners, there was a copy available at the VOR office! So that very day, Abdul started reading God’s Word for himself. He would read before class and during the break, when everyone else went down for coffee, tea, and community. When it came time to go home, he carefully placed the Bible back on the teacher’s desk. And this has continued for a few weeks now…will you pray with us for Abdul and his search for truth?

Dear Lord, You are the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through you. You promise that those who seek, shall find. You have pursued Abdul in Your love and seen his family in their pain. We pray in Jesus’ name for your living Word to be planted on good soil in Abdul’s heart. Surround the family with Your compassionate servants to journey faithfully with the family. Move the family to call on Your name and know your grace and mercy in their lives. Have mercy on Najiba as she receives chemotherapy, strengthen her in Your hope, day by day. Comfort the three sons who are new to this country and worried for their mother and about the future. May Your name be praised in this household, as Your light swallows up the darkness and death hovering over the family and as You lead them in Your way of peace.”